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France FMNT global specialist in energy management, to help people make the best use of the effect, enjoy it, we provide solutions enable energy security, reliable, economic, efficient and environmental protection, from power generation to use electric terminal energy management optimization! As we all know, energy demand is growing rapidly, and we must also reduce carbon emissions. We also know that more than 40% of the greenhouse gases come from industrial, residential and residential markets. Now, we provide energy efficiency solutions can be energy saving up to 30%. "Active energy efficiency management platform: from power generation to use! FMNT is the only energy efficiency management expert in the world, which provides a solution for the information age." French FMNT company believes that the most important is to identify the direction of the enterprise development, rather than to determine the development goals of the enterprise. Because the direction of the development of enterprises can make us continue to continuous improvement, so that we can focus on the future, continuous progress. In this field, we already have more than 30 years of history, our products also have been sold to the international market, our enterprise label is full of confidence, quality service, innovative and enterprising, flexible development. Our products are mainly divided into two categories: improving energy utilization of products, and energy, industrial, infrastructure related products. Our market action is international, because we are flexible and efficient, so we can according to the requirements of customers, provide them with a specific solution